EverPar Advisors was founded by a team of experienced advisors who share a passion for helping successful business owners, families, and foundations protect wealth and secure their financial future for generations to come.

On You

We believe the key to success lies in our ability to listen to you, understand your unique values and vision, and provide tailored solutions that meet your long-term goals.

To do so, we align our dedicated team to partner with you and your family across every aspect of financial life — solving problems, creating enduring legacies, and building multi-generational relationships based on three core pillars: Trust, Transparency & Mutual Respect.

Our Brand

EverPar is short for “Forever Partners” — reinforcing our commitment to building multi-generational relationships, creating a culture that exists beyond the founders, and ensuring stability, consistency and creating lasting wealth. Our infinity logo visually brings our name to life and symbolizes our unbreakable bond and long-term journey together.

Benefits of Independence

As an independent SEC-registered investment advisory firm, we have the freedom, flexibility, creativity, and control to manage your complex and evolving needs for today and tomorrow.

Fiduciaries protecting your best interests

Objective and tailored advice

Coordination with your CPAs, attorneys, and insurance providers

Separate the custodian from the advice provider

Comprehensive solutions and alternatives

Robust resources and technologies